How to setup Bria Teams

How to setup Bria Teams

Once this step is complete the user and device setup are next.

  1. Go to the Bria Teams web site and sign up for your account.


Adding your team.

2. Start by entering your name first and the team page will load after you are done.



Build your team.

3. Add the email addresses on this screen for the users that you would like to invite to join Bria teams.


4. Next send out the invitations to your team.


5. Users will need to download the appropriate version of Bria



The following steps you will be configuring the voice server. The voice server contains the general information of the Vinix account.

6. Choose “Have your own PBX or SIP server.



7. Voice Configurations:


Service Label – Name the file anything you want I.E. Vinix Account

Domain – The domain/realm in your Vinix account I.E.

Registration Time – 360

Firewall > Method – ICE (Auto)


Select “Save and Close”




8. Select Team Member’s at top and select a user to add their credentials.


Voice Service – The voice account you just created.

SIP Username – Username from device in Vinix portal

SIP Password – Password from device in Vinix portal




9. Select “Settings and Preferences” and edit the Codecs section. Remove all codecs and match below.


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