How-to install Bria for iOS

How-to install Bria for iOS

Bria setup on iPhone. Android may be a little different but same concept.

  1. Download Bria



2. Allow access to Microphone and Notifications is a must. Contacts, camera and Siri are optional



3. To Set Up a SIP Account:

a.     Go to Settings > Accounts and tap +

b. Select your VoIP provider  by tapping “VoIP (SIP) – Calling”

c. Complete Account Name, Username, Password, Domain and VM Number with the following information:

  • Account Name: Whatever you want to call it i.e. Company name

  • Username: Your username (From Vinix portal)

  • Password: Your password (From Vinix portal)

  • Domain: Your Domain/Realm (From Vinix portal)

  • VM Number: Your extension

  • Enable


4. Agree to Push Services                                                                                                        


5. Disable “Improve Reachability”                                                                                                                     iPhone ONLY

6. Click “Save” at the top right



7. Icon should turn green when registered.


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